Eledorado Ranch is a federal western riding centre and an horsetourism centre few kilometers far from Matera, La Città dei Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the oasis of WWF San Giuliano, wetland of international interest for aquatic fauna, and the “Parco della Murgia Materana”, one of the most spectacular rocky landscapes of Italy.

matera passeggiate a cavallo
cavalli matera

We work since 2011. Our main goal is promoting and enhancing western horse riding in a serious and professional way, prompting the need, increasingly sought after in the busy life of today, to have a break from everyday life and enjoy a few hours of relaxation and fun and hopefully to become a skilled rider.

You can choose beginner (1-2 hour riding) or advanced itineraries depending on your experience.


  • to Gravina, a wonderful canyon like the American Far West ones

  • to the WWF Natural Reserve of San Giuliano lake

  • to Cripta del Peccato Originale, the "Cappella Sistina" of cave art.

Eledorado Ranch A.S.D.E. di Emanuele Lamacchia - contrada "Due Gravine" 75100 Matera (MT) - ITALY
tel. +39 3287610502 - eledoradoranch@alice.it